We use the spirit of innovation to create achievements to/and challenge the future.

Founded in 1960 in Hong Kong by Mr. Cheng Yiu Pang, Sun Shun Fuk Foods. Ltd. (Sun Shun Fuk) is one of the most leading food suppliers in Hong Kong with an extensive range of products covering more than 100 countries worldwide. After 60 years of dedication and conviction in providing “Passion-Make” products and services, the company is now being recognized as one of the key players in Hong Kong’s food market.

Among Sun Shun Fuk’s diversified portfolio, Sun Shun Fuk’s leading brand-Sau Tao is now offering over 150 different kinds of noodle and seasoning products, ranging from non-fried instant pouch noodles, instant bowl noodles, premium noodle gift sets, plain oriental noodles, to fresh noodles. ‘Health is important’ is the core value of Sau Tao, Sau Tao is delicate to produce healthy and non-fried noodles.

Quality and innovative brand management are the key success factors to Sun Shun Fuk’s leading position in the industry. In 2000, Sau Tao was awarded as the “Hong Kong Top 10 Brandnames Award” of the year and in the same year the brand was presented with “ParknShop Fresh Check Food Safety Award Certificate”. To ensure the product quality is meeting the International standard, the production plant was awarded the “HACCP”, “BRC” certificate. To honor its marketing and branding excellence, Sau Tao received the “SuperBrand” award in 2004 and “Best Marketing Strategy Award” by Park’N Shop in 2005.

Sun Shun Fuk has an extensive distribution network covering major supermarket chains, department stores, convenience stores, food stores, and catering sectors in Hong Kong. Besides Hong Kong, the company has been aggressively extending its market coverage to more than 100 countries around the globe including the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia, and etc.

Sun Shun Fuk is committed to establishing and growing successful relationships with strategic partners to provide goods and services consistently with highest standard and quality, effectively meeting competitions in the marketplace. To provide one-stop service to the valued customer, Sun Shun Fuk deploys a sophisticated customer response mechanism which can handle diverse sales inquiries, orders and distribution logistics effectively. With more than 20,000 square feet of warehouse facilities and a strong fleet of trucks for delivery, customers are guaranteed with best just-in-time delivery service.

The success of Sun Shun Fuk built on a strong “Passion-Make” conviction to quality and innovation. In the years to come, Sun Shun Fuk will continuously strengthen the brand position, offer added-value customer services, and provide customers a wide range of products with uncontested benefits.