Sau Tao’s advanced plant qualified the international health certification

Quality and innovative brand management are the key success factors to Sun Shun Fuk’s leading position in the industry. In 2000, Sau Tao was awarded as the “Hong Kong Top 10 Brand Award” of the year and in the same year the brand was presented with “ParknShop Fresh Check Food Safety Award Certificate”. To ensure the product quality is meeting the International standard, the production plant was awarded the “HACCP”, “BRC”ccertificate. To honor its marketing and branding excellence, Sau Tao received the “SuperBrand” award in 2004 and “Best Marketing Strategy Award” by Park’N Shop in 2005.

Sau Tao uses the advanced production and computing system to produce noodles. From raw materials to packaging, the whole process is conduct from a sealed environment to ensure products are produced in 100% safe condition. The significant increases of production also meet customers’ demand.

International network

There are many corporate customers work with Sau Tao all around the world, from Hong Kong and China extend to Asian and Europe market, included America, British, Ireland, Canada, Sweden, Switzerland, France, Holland, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Russia, South Africa, Turkey etc.