Project Description

Fried Noodles with Kimchi

Egg Noodles 1 pc
Peking Cabbage Kimchi (diced) 100gm
Korean Chili Powder 0.5 tea spoon
Soy Sauce 1 tea spoon
Minced Garlic 1 tea spoon
Carrots (shredded) 50 gm
Cucumber (shredded) 50gm
Various Types of Kimchi optional
Sesame seeds optional
Sesame Oil 0.5 tea spoon

1. Cook egg noodles in boiling water for 2 minutes, stirring with chopsticks. Scoop and drain. Mix it with soy sauce, Korean chili powder and Peking Cabbage Kimchi. Set aside.
2. Sauté garlic in non-stick pan with oil, add egg noodle, stir-fry until dry (about 3 minutes). Garnish with carrots, cucumbers and various types of Kimchi, and finally sprinkle with sesame seeds and sesame oil.